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8 or 10 frame deep supers (9 1/2”) $15.00
8 or 10 frame medium super (6 5/8”) $13.00

*Supers can be assembled for $6 each. Please call in advance


Telescoping cover – assembled $20.00
Insulated heavy duty inner cover – assembled $15.00
Standard inner cover – assembled $10.00

Bottom Boards

Standard screened – assembled $20.00


Medium or deep unassembled $1.00
Medium wired with wax installed $3.00
Deep wired with wax installed $3.50
Deep plastic one piece $2.50
Medium plastic one piece $2.25


Deep – crimp wired wax or plastic $1.50
Medium – crimp wired wax or plastic $1.00

Other Bee Equipment

Hive tools, Smokers, Bee Suits and jackets, Feeders, Bee brushes, bee escapes, entrance reducers, Gloves, wire, frame holders and spacers, Special items, quilt boxes, honey containers, Extractors, mail boxes, queen condos, stepping stones, knives, drone comb, and more. Give us a call!